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SuperTour Finals/USSA Distance National Championships 2017 Competition Committee

Chief of CompetitionJohn Estle

    • Assistant Chief of Competition – Scott Jerome
    • Assistant Chief of Competition – Greg Whisenhant
  • Chief of Course – Bill Husby
    • Head Groomer – Tom Helmers
    • Chief of Course Control – Van MItchell
  • Chiefs of Stadium – Susan Faulkner
    • Chief of Start and Finish – Margaret Darrow, Dan Darrow
    • Chief of Athlete Care – Susan Kramer
  • Chief of Timing – Anna Sorensen
    • Timing Contractor – Summit Systems/Ernie Page
  • Chief of Secretariat – Beth Zirbes
    • Chief of Communications – Brittany Karns
    • Chief of Protocol and Awards – Lisa Druckenmiller
  • Volunteer CoordinatorNorma Haubenstock
  • Sponsorship CoordinatorAelin Allegood



Birch Hill Cross Country Ski Center

The Birch Hill Cross Country Ski Center is an 11,000 square foot building at the north end of the stadium.  In the left portion (the “Team Pod” – the part with silver siding) are bathrooms on the 2nd floor and a public waxing area on the first floor.  The “Assembly Pod’ on the right of the photo has a main assembly room with a seating capacity of 200+ people, and and attached warming kitchen.  On the ground floor under the assembly room is a waxing space.  The two pods are connected by an overhead walkway.  Many of the competition courses pass under the elevated walkway about 100m before the finish line.

Old Warming Hut/Volunteeer HQ – Rikke’s Roadhouse/Competition Office-

In this photo the Old Warming Hut is on the right and Rikke’s Roadhouse is on the left. The Old Warming Hut will serve as the Volunteer Headquarters for this event.  Rikke’s Roadhouse will be the competition office on race days. 

Timing Building

This photo shows Rikke’s Roadhouse on the right and the Timing Building on the left.  All races finish directly in front of the timing building.  The ground floor of the timing building will serve as the Jury Headquarters

Old Equipment Building / Waxing Building

Photo not available at this time







SuperTour Finals/USSA Distance National Championships 2017 Competition Jury




  • Technical Delegate (chair) – Allan Serrano
  • Assistant Technical Delegate – Jeff Ellis
  • Chief of Competition – John Estle
  • USSA Representative – Robert Lazzaroni
  • Jury Member – Lin Hinderman








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