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 Courses – all of the courses to be used for the SuperTour Finals/USSA Distance Nationals have been designed specifically for the USSA Distance National Championships using mostly existing trails in combination with a few short new sections that make it possible to improve the quality of the trail substantially. Trail data has been submitted to FIS for homologation.

  • Skiathlon – we will use two different 3.75Km courses, one for the classic leg and one for the skate leg.
  • Sprint – we have completely changed our sprint courses.  The new sprint courses were laid out in conjunction with Kikkan Randall during January 2016, and completed this summer with a minimal amount of new construction and substantial upgrades (widening and smoothing) to existing trails.  The women’s course is a bit under 1.5Km and the men’s course is a bit over 1.5Km.  Both courses include a substantial climb to the halfway point (men approximately 27m, women 20m+) and a second 15m climb to the stadium that tops out 120m from the finish.  The finish straight is 90m long and 13m wide.
  • Relay – we are still deciding on the courses for the relay, but hope to use two different 2.5Km courses, one for classic and one for skate.
  • 30Km/50Km – the 30Km will do the first lap on a 5Km course, then do 3 x 8.3Km laps on a course that includes the 5Km first lap in its entirety;  the 50Km will do the first lap on a 5Km course, then do 6 x 7.5Km laps on a course that includes the 5Km first lap in its entirety.  Both the 7.5Km and 8.3Km courses are newly-homologated.  These two courses include mostly existing trails, but do include one short section of new construction, as well as most of the new sprint course.

Course Maps – click on the links below to see course maps and course profiles.

Monday, March 27 – Skiathlon (both courses on one map)

Wednesday, March 29 – Sprint Free Technique

Friday, March 31 – Mixed Gender/Mixed Technique Relay (both courses on one map)

Sunday, April 2 – Mass Start Free Technique 30Km (both courses on one map)
and 50Km
(both courses on one map)